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    Look exactly the exact same and perform exactly the same for a short time. I havent seen half the crap in gameplay they say they inserted throughout the years. Commentary remains trash and MLB The Show 19 has been missing a million cartoons. I have men physically run through every other rounding bases in 18. I’ll take a year off and see what 20 is like.I’ve been playing MLB 19 Stubs since I was a kid in my PSP when MLB The Show 06 came out. They have come a ways since that time. In the past few years it looks pretty much the same game with couple of tweaks. But here is thought for Sony, how about we get NEW ANNOUNCERS for a change!! I’ve hear the same audio for the past 13 years. Lets change it up folks!

    How that they sell this mode, I am wondering if that is finally a sports game that I actually get. I believe I got one Tiger Woods game a long time before, and even non sports fans get racing games. There is an NHL game somewhere and everybody has seen older NBA Jam games. But I have mainly played Backyard or Mario sports matches and even then it had been years ago. I am very intrigued by MLB The Show 19 today for some reason.omg same dam commenters hope for your female. Fck sound like same damm commenter. Alter the damm commenters guy had same dude for last 10yrs lmfao. I ain’t spending money on this sht. They just tweaked it just a little that is it. Fcking Madden make more developments afterward fcking Mlb the show. Same sht every year. It is not realistic same sht as last year.

    I know your frustrations with the comment but you’ve got to be high to believe Madden makes more advancements compared to MLB the show 19 nevertheless bullsht, only lil bit more tweaks still same sht as 18, these realistic matches and mlb 19 nevertheless behind. Not that realistic. Still missing alot of items from realistic baseball.

    I still am annoyed that there’s no season manner, he explained that some people dont want to play full seasons, thats right, however in 17 like all the other ones previously (except 18 wich I didnt get) you had the choice for shorten seasons, to me its the best of both worlds, thers no reason why they cant add it in this season, it’d make me buy it today if it was there buy stubs mlb the show 19, as is im not sure weather or not im gonna buy it, complete seasons are jut too long and I dont like the franchise crap!!! Place the ability in,I’m a long time fan but enjoy last year likely not this season either!!

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