Response to RTKR was decietful

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    I requested copies of all citations issued by Zoning Officer vs a particular property. I got the two I already knew about but sought one that Zoning Officer said hearing was posponed. I wanted to check if a citation was enven issued by Zoning. The response said the two provided were the only ones. I checked Magistrate office records via Googlke search and found a third citation was issued but there was a not guilty verdict. i checked with Magistrate who said no Zoning Officer showed up for the hearing and it was thus a not guilty verdict. Thus Zoning officer lied that it was postponed and Township Lawyer solicitor also lied in his response as part of a cover up that Zoning officer did not show. There was a election imminent of District Attorney. One in office policy was rigorous enforcement of Blight issues. Contender said DA had no business in enforcing Blight. The current DA had been pressuring Zoning to issue the public nuisance citation stating she would assist in prosecution.I feel Zoning saw that the current DA was going to lose election so simply failed to show knowing new DA would not push it. I think Solicitor was also guilty of Atty Ethics laws in not providing copy of citation and not guilty verdict as part of a cover up. I am filing a Right to know law appeal based on this. Do I have a reasonable case for appeal.

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