• The PaFOIC website provides information on a wide range of access issues, in particular the Right-to-Know law. It averages 24,000 visitors each month.
  • The PaFOIC Quick Guide to the Right-to-Know law, updated regularly by distinguished First Amendment attorneys, was downloaded 2,453 times in 2014.
  • The PaFOIC has held over 25 trainings and workshops for citizens and attorney across the state over the years. It has plans to develop a library-based citizens training program, a county bar association partnership to provide highly technical Continuing Legal Education credits for practicing lawyers, and a schools-based curricula on citizenship and the democratic principles of transparency.
  • The PaFOIC has submitted five amicus (friend of the court) briefs
  • The PaFOIC has been honored to testify in the Pennsylvania General Assembly on three occasions before both House and Senate legislative committees.
  • The PaFOIC is now expanding its focus to include the practical challenges underlying access: government record digitization and record retention policies and practices. Working in close partnerships with state and local governments and grant-making organizations, the PaFOIC aims to elevate governmental best practices.