Amicus Briefs

The PaFOIC is often asked to support parties in their petitions for review to Pennsylvania’s appellate courts in access matters. Members of our Legal Committee or lawyers working in a pro bono capacity have written the five amicus (which means, “friend of the court”) briefs we have filed in recent years, posted here.

Judges report reading well-reasoned and written amicus briefs from a trusted organization such as the PaFOIC. These kinds of briefs play a time-honored and vital role in American appellate advocacy.

Arneson v. Gov. Wolf (submitted 3/11/15)

Paint Twp. v. Clark

Pennsylvania State Education Association v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees

Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board v. Office of Open Records, Eastern Pennsylvania Citizens Against Gambling and James D. Schneller

Joseph v. The Scranton Times, L.P.

April 6, 2012 Letter to Criminal Procedural Rules Committee regarding proposed amendments to the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure that would ban, among other things, live tweeting from courtrooms in criminal proceedings