From the Executive Director

The Pennsylvania Freedom of Information Coalition fights challenges to open government every single day. We have a unique role as the Commonwealth’s only citizen-focused, non-industry specific transparency group.

Right now we enjoy the membership support of hundreds of people across the state.

But we need financial help.

We’re busy looking for grants and corporate support to fund our critical mission, but we need more members and lots of donations to make that happen!

Your membership dollars and one-time donations help us continue to publish our Quick Guide to the Right-to-Know Law, submit amicus briefs, provide legislative testimony, act as a media expert, and more.

Just this week we drafted comments on the proposed public access policy to judicial records. As nervous judges and court administrators seek to chip away at the transparency we’ve enjoyed for centuries, the PaFOIC is the only group at the table looking to protect the average citizen’s right to access court records.

Corporate American and government trade groups spend generously to influence public policy in Pennsylvania.

Join us or make a donation today so that the people’s voice can be heard just as loudly.

-Corinna Vecsey Wilson, Esq., Executive Director