From the Executive Director

We still need to speak up for government transparency and accountability in Pennsylvania. We arguably improved the state’s open records ranking after passing the Right-to-Know law in 2007, but there are still many threats to our rights of access to government.

But unfortunately, it has also gotten a lot harder to raise money to cover the costs of this critical watchdog.

The Pennsylvania Freedom of Information Coalition is struggling financially. This is a shame because we are the only group in the state dedicated to ensuring that all people have full access to Pennsylvania state and local government records and proceedings. The PaFOIC represents “We the People” – not industry or a special interest group, but all of the human beings who live, work, pay taxes, volunteer, send our kids to school, fish and hunt, and need and use the services that government provides.

For now, we are ratcheting back our services as we reassess our prospects. We certainly don’t think the only measure of a good idea is whether people will pay for it; that is, however, our biggest constraint right now.

We’ll keep you posted and in the meantime, if you have any ideas, we are all ears!