Mission Statement

The Pennsylvania Freedom of Information Coalition works to ensure that all people have full access to Pennsylvania state and local government records and proceedings.  Such access fosters responsive, accountable government, stimulating civic involvement and building trust in government.

Our Work

  • Education: Through seminars and publications, we educate citizens, groups and government officials about the importance of open government to democracy and how they can use their rights to get public records.
  • Law reform: We monitor proposed state and federal laws, regulations and court decisions. We provide information to state officials and encourage discussion of open government improvements in Pennsylvania. To the extent allowed by our nonprofit status, we support reforms affecting public records.
  • Legal support: We provide resource material to citizens or groups who encounter difficulty in obtaining public records. In open government cases of state-wide importance, we help citizens obtain vigorous legal representation.

Statement on Records Management

The PaFOIC supports the adoption by Pennsylvania local and state government of best practices in records management, including retention policies and record digitzation. Good public records management is essential to fulfill citizens’ access rights. A well maintained electronic record keeping system is critical for making government more open and accountable: it allows information from across the government to be understood in context and makes sure records are not lost or improperly erased. PaFOIC works with our members, partners, and local and state government to develop, fund, advocate and train on reforms necessary to improve records management.